H&R Racing 1/24 RTR Chassis (18k RPM Hawk Motor) w/Silicone Rears

  • Our Price: £50.90

  • H&R Racing Products Adjustable Wheelbase 1/24 RTR assembled Rolling Chassis - Wheelbase adjustable from 3 5/8" to 4 7/8" (92mm to 123mm) - Includes 18,000 RPM small can Hawk motor, WIDE 27x18mm rear Silicone Rubber Rear Tires with 6 Spoke Silver Wheels on setscrew aluminum hubs and rubber tire 6 spoke silver Wheel fronts, Oilite bushings, body mounting kit - Comes with inline motor mount & 48 pitch Cox axle gearing - recommended for plastic home track application or commercial routed track racing where no tire glue is used
    H and R Complete Parts List :
    HRCH02 Bare Chassis
    HR401 9 Tooth Pinion Gear
    HR602 Guide
    HR302 Braids
    HR502 Body Mount Kit
    HR601 Axle Spacers
    HR307 Rear Bushings
    HR603 Rear Ball Bearings (optional)
    HRMH1 18,000 RPM "Hawk" Motor
    HR1354 27 x 18mm Rear Silicone Tires on 6 Spoke Setscrew Aluminum Wheels
    HR1351 27 x 12mm Front Rubber Tires on 6 Spoke Setscrew Aluminum Wheels
    HR208 31 Tooth Crown Gear 

  • Model number: HRCH10


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