H&R Racing 1/24 RTR Chassis - (26k RPM Motor) Nascar Wheels W/Silicone Tires

  • Our Price: £50.90

  • H&R Racing Products Adjustable Wheelbase 1/24 RTR assembled Rolling Chassis - Wheelbase adjustable from 3 5/8" to 4 7/8" (92mm to 123mm) - Includes 26,000 RPM small can Cobra motor, WIDE 27x18mm rear SILICONE Rubber Tires with NASCAR Silver Wheels on setscrew aluminum hubs and hard rubber NASCAR Wheel fronts, Oilite bushings, body mounting kit - Comes with inline motor mount & Cobra axle gearing - recommended for plastic home track application or commercial routed track racing where no tire glue is used
    H and R Complete Parts List :
    HRCH02 Bare Chassis
    HR401 9 Tooth Pinion Gear
    HR602 Guide
    HR302 Braids
    HR502 Body Mount Kit
    HR601 Axle Spacers
    HR307 Rear Bushings
    HR603 Rear Ball Bearings (optional)
    HRMC1 26,000 RPM "Cobra" Motor
    HR1108 27 x 18mm Rear NASCAR Silver Setscrew Aluminum Wheels with Silicone Tires
    HR1105 27 x 12mm Front NASCAR Silver Setscrew Aluminum Wheels with Silicone Tires
    HR208 31 Tooth Crown Gear 

  • Model number: HRCH06


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