CARSTEEN CS-4 Electronic Controller

  • Our Price: £588.99

  • The Carsteen CS-4 Slot Car controller designed for HO, 1/32, and 1/24 racing

    • 25 steps, all equal size. Trigger response can be adjusted using profile switches to make controller softer or more aggressive. 
    • Sensitivity can be adjusted from 0.4V to more than 6V.
    • Current capability more than 250A. Output-resistance less than 0.008ohm.
    • Voltage choke can reduce output voltage more than 3V, reducing top speed.
    • Continually adjustable current-choke increases output resistance to as much as 0.25ohm (<1foot to 30 feet). Choke can be switched out.
    • Continually adjustable brake (0.06ohm to more than 25ohm).
    • Temperature-controlled fan.
    • Ball-bearing trigger.
    • Volt-meter to check track-voltage.
    • Controller protected against faulty hook-ups.
    • Circuit that limits influence from varying track voltage.
    • Comfortable Handle & Trigger
    • Connections are Banana style plugs for international travel (can plug into alligator clips)
    • Track Hanger built in
  • Model number: CS-4


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